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Compensation FAQs
  1. When will I receive commission on a specific sale?

    • Depending on the product, commissions paid to the broker-dealer can vary from weekly to quarterly.

  3. At what rate will I be paid on a specific sale?

    • Product commission rates are specified in the Selling Group Agreement (SGA) between VALIC and your broker-dealer. Please contact your broker-dealer for specific information regarding advisor commission rates/amounts.

  5. Where can I find a detailed breakdown of commission amounts by specific sales?

    • A commission statement is provided to your broker-dealer each pay period. The statement reflects detailed information of each sale at the advisor level. Please contact your broker-dealer for specific information regarding sales and commission payments.

  7. What is the difference between a "new" and "existing" client?

    • Existing clients are defined as a client with a Social Security number on the VALIC recordkeeping system as of the date the SGA is first executed, whether active or inactive.

  9. What procedure must I follow to become the agent of record on a VALIC Financial Advisor, Inc. (VFA) broker-dealer client?

    • A Broker-Dealer Request Transfer form is required to reassign a client from VFA. You should use your broker-dealer's form which requires both your and the client’s signatures. All of the client's accounts that have cash value will be transferred to your VALIC advisor number/broker-dealer.

      To reassign a client within the same broker-dealer (not VFA), please provide the account number, client name and the new advisor (VFA assigned) number and broker-dealer.

      NOTE: If the account is enrolled in Guided Portfolio Services (GPS), the client will be required to complete the Guided Portfolio Services Change Authorization Form [pdf]. This form discontinues GPS since this service is not available if the VFA client/account is transferring to another broker-dealer. The form must accompany the Broker-Dealer Request Transfer form in order for reassignment to occur.

      The above listed form(s) can be sent to:
      ICA Participant Reassignments
      C/O VALIC - Compensation (L5-60)
      2929 Allen Parkway
      Houston, TX 77019

      Or, faxed to:
      Fax: (713) 831-4248
      Attn: ICA Participant Reassignments

  11. Where should sales and compensation-related questions be directed?

    • If you are an advisor, your questions should be directed to your broker-dealer. If you are the broker-dealer or its support personnel call (877) 246-4501, Option 1 and follow the applicable prompts.

Last Updated: 1/7/2010