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Before Submitting Business
Sales Support Guidelines


Advisor Appointments

In order to sell VALIC products you must be appointed with the company. Contact your broker-dealer to confirm that the selling group agreement is in place. Also, ensure you have received your appointment kit. For questions regarding the appointment kit contact the wholesaling team at (877) 246-4501 Option 2 and follow the applicable prompts.

Individual Sales

When completing application forms for individual sales use the default processing codes provided below.

















Contribution Source




Group Sales

Prior to the start of sales verify that the group, plan and product are established at VALIC. Contact your broker-dealer or VALIC at (877) 246-4501 Option 2, and follow the applicable prompts. If the group, plan and/or product have not been setup refer to the "Forms" tab on the Advisor Resource Center (ARC) Web site under the appropriate product for access to the "Group, Plan, and Product Setup Guidelines." Key contacts are provided at the end of each product guideline.

Group Enrollments

NOTE: Group, plan and product set up at VALIC must be completed in order for enrollment applications to be processed. Contact VALIC at (877) 246-4501 Option 2, and follow the applicable prompts for assistance with the required group, plan, subgroup and contribution source information.

Enrollment and application forms are available through the Advisor Resource Center (ARC) Web site under the "Forms" tab and appropriate product.

Please ensure that all forms are completed in their entirety, otherwise, processing may be delayed until you supply the missing information. The New Business Center will contact you for missing information via e-mail or a phone call.

Group Contribution Remittance

To begin contributions in their retirement plan, clients must contact their employer to ensure the proper payroll deduction agreement has been completed. Employers remit client contributions through designated lockboxes.

Advisor Access to Client Information

In order to access your client account information or group information, click on the "Advisor Tool" link located on the Advisor Resource Center (ARC) Web site.

For authorization to complete certain client account transactions on behalf of your clients, through telephone calls to VALIC at (877) 246-4501, you are required to complete and submit an Agent Access Authorization Form for each client. This form is available through the Advisor Resource Center (ARC) Web site under the "Forms" tab.


Web site: http://www.valic.com/ia
User Name: valicpartner
Password: advisor
Phone Number: (877) 246-4501 and follow the applicable prompts.

NOTE: Your clients have access to their account information through the Web site http://www.valic.com or they can contact a Client Service Professional at our toll free number (800) 448-2542.

Last Updated: 1/7/2010